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Horse Colors

Horses have their very own set of colors, unlike the colors for any other animal. Here are some examples of the Horse Colors in use on our carousel.

Blonde Sorrel

Tina   Tina and Arizona are Blonde Sorrels, which is a red/brown horse with a blonde tail. Gene Autry's Champ was a Sorrel. Arizona 

Red Sorrel

Rocky is our Red Sorrel, a red/brown horse with a matching tail. Rocky


Little Beauty, our only Bay, is a dark brown horse with a black tail Little Beauty

Chocolate Pinto

LoofFun  LoofFun and Chocolate are our two Chocolate Pintos, two-colored horses with white as one color and a chocolate brown as the other. Chocolate

Strawberry Pinto

Scout  Joker  15Inside 
Scout, Joker and their inner ring running mate are Strawberry Pintos, a two-colored horse with a white and light-brown coat.


Cisco  Cisco and his closest neighbor are Buckskins. They have a coat that is the color of deer hide with a dark mane and tail. Most wild horses of the Northwest are Palaminos, Bays and Buckskins. 9Middle 


Palaminos are golden or blonde colored horses with white tails and manes (such as Roy Roger's Trigger.) Our only Palomino is named Trigger (guess how he got his name!). Trigger 

Dapple Grey

Casper, the Ghost Horse  Steely Dan  7Inside  Daisy, the Wishing Horse 
Greys with white tails and spots are Dapple Greys. Most of these horses were draft horses. Early carousels loved dapples, probably because they are easy to paint.


Our black armored horses were probably Freisians when our carousel was new. Freisians were developed during the times of knights. They are short, stocky and all black. They are of the rarest breeds today. Information on freisans is available at The Friesian Horse Association of North America.
Oliver's Pride 3Middle Prince 13Middle
For now, our Freisians have been painted with socks (white feet), but perhaps some day they'll be re-painted as Freisians once again. (If you have an early photograph of our black horses showing their feet, we'd love to get a copy of it!)


Chastity Duke of Earl Snow Dancer Bing
The Lipizzan is the European breed of training and competition. Looff loved George Washington's Lipizzan, so Chastity and Earl were modeled after paintings of Washington's horse.

White Arabians

Rainbow Warrior  8Middle  18Inside
Whites with grey markings and/or spots are usually Arabians. General Grant's Traveler and other white horses were Arabians, which are known for their stamina.

Black Ponies

Candy Cane Black Ponies with white socks and a blaze (a white marking on the face) have remained favorites through the years. They're often used as characters in childrens' stories, such as Black Beauty. Cotton Candy

American Creme

4Inside Warrior The Christmas Horse 10Inside
Our Amerecan Cremes are pictured here with roached manes, or Trojan style. These draft horses are white or creme colored all over. Most of our horses are Cremes.
14Inside The Parrot Horse Michelle 20Inside

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